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About Integral Mechanical Systems, LLC. (IMS)

The Company

Integral Mechanical Systems (IMS) initial goal is to provide the powder and bulk industry with innovative and new products. We feel we have accomplished this with our all new design of the “MasterBlaster” series of pneumatic bin activators. Our new design is unique from anything else out on the market today.

We feel, if we are going to compete in a market dominated by our competition for so long, we had to come up with a device that is better, more efficient to operate and more economical to manufacture with fewer parts to maintain.

We have accomplished this by completely redesigning what the competition is offering with our all NEW “MasterBlaster” pneumatic bin activator air flow device from the ground up. We have fewer parts to fabricate. We use less CFM, and we use the compressed air more efficiently and affectively. We can truly demonstrate that the compressed air flow is parallel to the bin wall. This is done just by the virtue of the way our MasterBlaster” device piston is designed.

Our background in the powder & bulk industry, chemical process industry, food, pharmaceutical, energy systems, steel mfg. industry, power industry, pulp/paper industry, cryogenic gas equipment and packaging industry, has spanned 30+ years. We have seen and done it all.

IMS can provide solutions in any industry that handles powder and bulk material, including chemical process, food/bakery, plastics, salt processing, fertilizer production, breweries/distilleries, pulp/paper industry, cement and aggregate, mines, pharmaceutical, power generation, steel industry, dust collection equipment, grains/flour processing, etc. This is just a short list of industries we have dealt with in the past 30+ years.

We have the knowledge and background in countless industries to help our customers to solve their tough powder and bulk flow problems from their hopper/silo with “one puff of air”.

If when you want to solve your hopper/silo flow problems, we are the team members you can call on for help to solve this problem.