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Address 2:                                        
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Description of Material in Hopper-Bin

Name Of Material:                            

Moisture Content:                             Min.    %            Max.    %

Particle Size Range:                        Min.              Max.            Inches        Mesh

Under 60 Mesh:                                %        Under 200 Mesh:    %

Maximum Material Temperature:           °F        °C

Material Density:                              (lbs/cu. ft.)
Bulk Density:                                   
Specific Gravity:                             

Any Special Characteristics:

Description of Hopper-Bin

Hopper/Bin Capacity:                            US Tons        M Tons        Cubic Ft.

Hopper/Bin Wall Material:             CS        SS        Other

Hopper/Bin Wall Thickness:                  Inches        mm        cm

Hopper/Bin Diameter:                            Feet           Meters

Size Of Discharge Opening:                 Inches        mm        cm

Slope of Hopper/Bin Wall:             degrees (included angle)

Type Of Discharge Gate:             

Number Of Hopper/Bins
                    Of This Type:             

Flow of Material

Level Of Material Above Discharge:            From       To         Feet        Meters
Hopper/Bin Is Filled By:                       Conveyor    Feeder    Bucket Elevator    Other

Hopper/Bin Is Discharged Onto:        Conveyor    Feeder    Truck    Other

Required Flow From Hopper/Bin Is:  Continuous    Intermittent

System Controller Options

Is A Stand Alone Controller Required?        Yes        None Exist

Is Manual Override Required At Control?    Yes        No

Voltage Available:                                          110VAC        220VAC        12/24VDC        Other

Any Special Features Required
For Control System?

General Information

Air Supply Available At Hopper/Bin:                       PSI        bar        CFM

Pipe Size Of Air Supply Line:                                  Inches        mm        Sch. No.

Additional Comments:



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IMS is currently using AutoCad Rel. 2009. If your drawing is from another CAD program, send a DXF version of your drawing.