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Benefits Of The New MasterBlaster System

  • What makes the new MasterBlaster unique?

    It's the way we can truly sweep the inside of hopper walls with our unique air distribution piston to break the friction and guarantee material flow when you need it most.
  • What makes the new MasterBlaster better?

    It has been our experience that to get stubborn bulk powder material to flow we need to break the friction between the material and the vessel wall. To accomplish this we use high pressure compressed air to break this friction.

  • Are compressed air systems expensive to operate?

    We have designed and configured our system in such a way to minimize compressed air usage. Our competition can't demonstrate this. Our MasterBlaster system is more economical to operate than our competitors. We can show a quicker return on investment on our system, which means more bang for your money and a lower overall cost.

  • Can the MasterBlaster devices be used in an industry that no longer uses compressed air in any of it's processes?

    Yes. We are finding more and more customers in the food and pharmaceutical industries which can no longer use conventional compressed air. For this reason, IMS can manufacture its MasterBlaster devices out of materials which will not cause contamination to the customer's product and can be used with compressed carbon dioxide or nitrogen gas. Both gases are inert and can create an environment within the storage silo-hopper that may fumigate the customer's product during storage. By displacing the oxygen in the product and silo with these gases you are slowing the oxidation of the stored product.

  • What materials can the MasterBlaster devices be constructed of?

    All of our MasterBlaster models are available in a variety of materials; such as high alloy carbon steel, Inconel, Hastelloy, stainless steel, special stainless steel 2205 and the like.

  • What about installing the MasterBlaster devices to our existing hopper?

    We at IMS have taken this into consideration and came up with a unique way to mount and adjust our MasterBlaster series of devices. We use a weld-on Taperlock  hub and bushing to mount and adjust our MasterBlaster devices. This eliminates the threading or setscrew mounting our competition uses.
    The downside of competitor's designs is with the welding of the mount collar to the hopper wall. This causes their mount collars to warp during installation and in turn prevents installing their air flow devices easily. Our Taperlock system is more forgiving to this welding problem. The weld-on hub is designed to be welded to a plate. The Taperlock bushing then fits into the weld-on hub and is locked in place via two setscrews. No special tools needed for installation.