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Details Of The Typical MasterBlaster System


  • The MasterBlaster system consists of a number of MasterBlaster devices located circumferentially around the hopper cone section.
    This area of all hoppers-bins is known for material to hang up and this is where we attack the problem, at its source.
  • Our typical MasterBlaster units use a high flow solenoid valve to discharge a sufficient amount of high pressure air at the correct pressure to get the most stubborn of materials to flow.
  • The MasterBlaster system can operate independently via a PLC controller supplied by IMS. It can be configured to operate with an electronic sequence controller or integrated with your existing automation control system.
  • The MasterBlaster system receives its air supply from a locally installed air receiver tank near the hopper to minimize air pressure drops.
    The pulse sequence of each MasterBlaster device is determined based upon flow requirements and material flow demand at the discharge of the hopper.
    The area of influence that each MasterBlaster unit can dislodge is up to 8 foot diameter for our Series 200 at 90 PSIG.
  • Our other series of MasterBlaster devices have a smaller area of influence and pressures vary depending on material and hopper size.