Integral Mechanical Systems

8021 Lawler Ave.
Burbank, IL  60459

Phone:  708.357.3068
Fax:  708.499.4631

        Mission Statement

Integral Mechanical Systems, LLC. (IMS) provides industries with reliable cost-effective solutions by working with our customers “one-on-one” to build a long-term relationship. We want to be thought of as one of your integral team members.

We feel if we treat our customers with the utmost respect, courtesy, professionalism and are conscientious of our customer’s needs to solve a problem our working relationship will be seamless, beneficial and enjoyable.

We will bring our expertise and knowledge of the powder and bulk industry and mechanical engineering. It will give our customers more resources to solve their hopper powder flow problems.

We have worked closely with OEMs and engineering companies involved with storage vessels of all type, transfer and processing equipment, but we do not limit our talents and problem solving to just OEMs and engineering companies. We can work with any company which has a need to get their powder and bulk materials to flow. From the mom-and-pop company to Fortune 100 companies. We do it all.

We will provide the highest degree of integrity and ethical practices. We demonstrate professionalism at all times and we strive to understand our customer’s needs to arrive at a fast economical solution to the problem at hand.

We are always innovating, improving and striving to evolve, to better serve our customers and their needs.

We look forward to working with you and your company very soon.

Thank you for your interest in:

Integral Mechanical Systems, LLC.

8021 Lawler Ave.

Burbank, Illinois 60459.

Phone; 708 - 357 - 3068.

Fax; 708 - 499 - 4631.